What is Spring Water?

Living in America, we have a plenty of options when it comes to selecting the type of water we drink. Many of us consume what’s known as spring water. But, what is spring water exactly and where does it come from? To offer a better understanding, we’ve put together a list of some common questions…

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10 Ways Drinking Water Can Help You Lose Weight

Nielsen survey results show that close to half of the world thinks they’re overweight. With this statistic in mind, it’s safe to assume there are millions of people looking to knock a few pounds off their total the next time they step on the scale. While watching what we eat (dieting) and exercising are both…

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How to Stay Hydrated: The Amount of Water Needed for Healthy Living

  While there are many things in life we say we simply couldn’t live without (pizza, ice cream, Netflix, iPhones), the truth is, human beings could get by with just a few necessities. Water is one of the few resources that human beings truly need to survive. More than two-thirds of a human being’s body weight is represented by water and without…

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Health-Related Reasons to Oppose Fluoride in Tap Water

Since 1945, fluoride has been an added component to tap water in the United States. Today, 67% (or about 210 million people) of the U.S. population consumes this fluoridated tap water during their everyday lives. The addition of fluoride is said to be a measure taken in the best interest of public health, according to…

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