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Introducing the ECO Fountain!

We’re proud to introduce the ECO Fountain manual water bottle pump – a new way to easily dispense drinking water from 3 gallon, 5 gallon, or 6gallon water bottles. Featuring a “no-drip” top, the ECO Fountain drinking water pump is the perfect alternative for those expensive, bulky water dispensers at home or at the office. Best of all, it’s very portable – allowing you to travel to sporting events or enjoy camping or boating activities with a single, larger capacity water bottle and the pump rather than lots of smaller bottles.

Easily and quickly installed, the ECO  Fountain manual water bottle pump saves you from having to lift a heavy water bottle onto a stand-up dispenser, which can weigh as much as 60 pounds (for 6 gallons). Simply turn and lock the water bottle pump on your chosen bottle and push down on the pump. A single push delivers up to eight ounces of water. The ECO Pump fits most standard 3 gallon, 5 gallon, and 6 gallon water bottles, with the exception of screw-top bottles. This manual water pump also features an easy-grip handle for mobility.

View the water bottle pump in action:

Water pump for 5 gallon bottle

Eco Fountain, manual water pump

For Home, Office or On The Go!

The ECO Pump is easy-to-use wherever you are. Heading on a camping trip or a sporting event? Bring the ECO Pump with you…

  • Traveling: Heading out camping or on a family road trip? Using the ECO Pump means you don’t have to carry multiple small jugs, or even individual, eco-UNfriendly, water bottles for the family that you’ll later need to recycle.
  • Sporting Events: From Suzy’s soccer game to tailgating at the “big game,” the ECO Pump is ideal for hydrating thirsty fans.
  • Dorms: Sending your teen off to college? This is a necessary addition to their dorm room: all the great hydration without taking up tons of scarce space in the dorm room.
  • Hurricane and disaster preparedness: We all know to stock up on water when a big storm is predicted. With the ECO Pump and a couple larger-capacity water bottles, you know you’re ready.
  • Home: Ditch the water cooler and use the ECO Pump for day-to-day use.
  • Office: No more waiting for your co-worker to lift the heavy water bottle onto the dispenser or worrying that you’ll splash water all over your suit making the switch.



SWA 510 drinking water pump w/ handle & cleaning Brush.



Delivers 8+ ounces per downstroke.


Polypropylene (BPA Free)



SURE FIT turn and lock system provides airtight seal. Adjustable length locking inner tubes fit 3, 5, and 6 gallon bottles.


Manufactured with material that complies with the FDA standard 21 CFR 177.1520 for drinking water.



Easy grip handle and no drip cap allow for portability. Rugged construction and eco friendly design.

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