Our Water

We Take H2O Seriously

Water is the heart of our business. We have spent years searching and testing for the purest source of healthy, refreshing water. We test regularly and adhere to strict NSF guidelines to ensure that our product never waivers or varies in quality and purity.

Summit Springs multi-gallon bottles are available in two convenient sizes and may be used with all conventional water dispensers. Simply choose the size that’s right for you! The smaller, 3 gallon bottle weighs approximately 25 pounds when full, and is well suited for individual use and for those who prefer the easy-to-lift weight. The larger capacity, 5 gallon bottle weighs approximately 42 pounds and is perfect for a family or for at the office. Our bottles are also available BPA free.

There’s no need to worry about spilling the water when changing the bottle. Each Summit Springs bottle features “no-spill” cap.

Summit Springs is crisp, great-tasting water, glass after glass.


From Source to Bottle

Delicious natural spring water begins as rainwater, permeating the earth’s own filters, seeping down through the geological layers before arriving at the hidden spring. Summit Springs spring water comes from our protected spring source Bear Hollow Spring, Lake Placid, Florida; it is low in minerals and contains less than 0.5 milligrams of sodium per  8 ounce serving.  The spring water is delivered to our bottling facility where it is micron filtered and ozonated. (Ozone is a special form of oxygen, O3, which is bubbled through the water just before it goes into clean, sanitized bottles.) The ozone dissipates or converts back into the oxygen we breathe. The bottles are then capped and ready for delivery to our customers! Viva spring water Florida!

The Science Behind Our Water

We know our customers care about the purity of their water, which is why we not only do our own testing, but also rely on third-party scientists to verify our results. Health-promoting, taste-enhancing, minerals in every refreshing glass. That’s the Summit Springs promise with a Water Quality Report to independently assure it!

TDS, Alkalinity and Hardness: What do they really mean?

Let’s start with Total Dissolved Solids, or TDS. TDS is a measurement of inorganic salts (principally calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, bicarbonates, chlorides and sulfates) and small amounts of organic matter that are dissolved in water. TDS is reported as units of mg/L (milligrams of dissolved solids per liter of water) or ppm (parts per million).

We’ve all heard the terms “hard” versus “soft” water. When water percolates through the earth as it makes its way to the underground source it picks up trace amounts of minerals, which, in very small amounts can add healthy calcium and magnesium.

pH, one of the most common analyses in soil and water testing, is the standard measure of how acidic or alkaline a solution is. Most alkalinity in water comes from calcium carbonate leached from rocks and soil.

Florida's most popular natural spring water brand, Summit Springs available at SAMs wholesale clubs. Use the store locator below to find a Florida club near you.

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